Photo of Kenton Kwok

Kenton Kwok

Data Science: Head of Operations (Secretary)

Hey everyone :) My name is Kenton Kwok and I am a first year Physics student running for Operations Director for the Data Science society!

-After joining many events held by the society, I discovered that Data Science is the hottest field currently imaginable. I am passionate about understanding, learning and applying it to generate meaningful insights. I found that the best way to commit is to dedicate myself to the society.
-I am confident that I have the organisational skills to alleviate other committee members’ workload and smoothen the society’s day-to-day operations.
-I would like to have more influence on the society.

-I love Data Science and will offer as much as possible to the society.
-I am a responsible individual who is adept at preparing meetings, taking minutes, drafting documents, answering queries etc.!
-I am punctual and will put in every effort to meet deadlines.
-I am competent at time management and will balance between academic and society commitments.
-I am easy going and am good at meeting the expectations of other committee members.

-Managed meetings and schedule of my team, which won champion of an inter-school “Smart City” competition.
-Leader of my school house and liaised with different parties to be placed second overall.
-Managed ticket sales and fundraised £400 after designing a haunted-house charity event from scratch.

-I hope you recognise my passion and ability for the role. Remember to vote Kenton for Operations director!! Thank you!!