Photo of Luke Hillery

Luke Hillery

Design Engineering: Treasurer

- I’ll keep DesSoc in great financial shape
- I’ll make rebates as easy and quick as possible
- I’ll manage funds efficiently
- I know how it works
- I’ll help improve DesSoc as a whole

Hi all,

As your treasurer, I will ensure the best society at Imperial remains in a healthy financial state.

I aim to improve DesSoc’s efficiency in spending, placing quality above price (it’s not worth a disappointing event just to save a quid). I will ensure the society is performing at its upmost and help in any way possible to improve life for the society and it’s members.

Communication is key to any successful organisation and you can always reach me (as you probably know from my Digital Marketing position this year). I will always be open to ideas and suggestions to improve the society as a whole.

Any questions come find me!