Photo of Priantha Pretheshan

Priantha Pretheshan

Chemistry: First Year Representative

Hi everyone, I’m Pria and I’d like to be the First Year Representative next year! I’d like to think that I’ve been successful at surviving the rollercoaster that is first year so far and with the experience and the tips that come with it being so fresh in my mind, I’d like to take up this role and spread whatever wisdom I have to the new freshers in October (and anyone else that wants it). It’s not to say that my journey so far has been smooth sailing, but I have definitely learnt from the hiccups along the way and they have just made me more equipped for this position!
I’m sure you all remember that starting here was very daunting at first as you didn’t really know what to expect and university life took a while getting used to! As the rep, I’d therefore aim to help the new arrivals settle in and adjust and show them everything Imperial, and Chemistry in particular, has to offer! I’d also aim to organise group study sessions and encourage vertical integration as I think this would go a long way to improving everyone’s experience in Chemistry!
I would describe myself as friendly, approachable and confident and will always be there to reassure someone, have a chat or give some tips to anyone that needs it! I’m also always open to hearing other people’s ideas and feedback and will work hard to implement changes and solutions accordingly.