Photo of James Warren

James Warren

Cross Country & Athletics: Trail Captain

Heya, it’s ya boi Jim! Here to give you all the FACTS about why I should be your next trail captain...

Firstly, I’ve got an unrelenting passion for the great outdoors and love nothing more than escaping the often suffocating London air to get myself ankle deep in mud or halfway up a snowy mountain. Given this love for all things trail you can be sure I’ll be organising many a trip away to give you all the opportunity to get yourselves out into nature.

Not only do I have the essential love for trail but I also have the organisational skills to back it up. The wealth of experience I gained in union matters when organising this year’s Hyde Park Relays sets me up perfectly. You can expect numerous weekends in Snowdonia, day trips to Lewknor and other new exciting excursions.

I also want to open up trail to more members in the club. I’m fully aware that the idea of heading off to Wales to run up the largest mountain in the country is a rather daunting prospect. Therefore, I would want to encourage involvement in smaller trips, such as the taster in Lewknor, to allow people to get an idea of what trail is all about and see if it’s for them.

So there you have it; passion, exceptional organisation and desire to get more peeps involved. What more could you ask for?