Photo of Lucas Canizares Alonso

Lucas Canizares Alonso

Consultancy: ICG President

Dear ICG members,

As a bioengineering student, I had no previous experience in consulting when I arrived to Imperial. To be completely honest, I had never heard about consulting as such. It was during my first week at Imperial that by talking to the committee at fresher’s fair, I became interested and decided to join ICG.

It has been a few years that I have been part of this society. I am grateful for all the research, analytical, and communication skills that I have learned by being an associate in two ICG projects and EM of 4 projects.

My involvement in ICG did not stop there, as I joined the committee as VP Marketing, achieving:

- Developed a marketing strategy that increased the reach of advertising by more than 200%.
- Aided 4 PMs in 4 projects.
- Helped to maintain ICG relationships with its clients.

By working with the current president closely during this year I believe I have the experience and knowledge to ensure ICG continues giving the best preparation, contacts, and experience to Imperial students.

My primary agenda as an ICG president would be to:

- Maintain the long-term relationship with LEK and high-profile clients TSB and Santander.
- Increase frequency of training events following feedback.
- Continue offering start-up projects from different industry sectors (data science, medical sciences…).

This will ensure ICG continues training Imperial students for their future career, and will also increase the acceptance of ICG application, increasing the society’s impact on the University.