Photo of Hanzhi Bao

Hanzhi Bao

Physics: Webmaster

Hi, my name is Hanzhi Bao. As a webmaster I will perform the following tasks to make PhySoc even better:

1. Making sure that the PhySoc website runs smoothly in the 2020/21 academic year.
2. Updating our website with the latest information from society, including upcoming events, committee members, current sponsors, etc.
3. Further improving the website layout and its content. Specifically, I plan to merge the small sections into one page, eliminating some unnecessary parts (e.g. ‘Wiki’ section in my opinion) and introducing new contents (e.g. detailed information of committee members) to make the website more attractive for the outsiders, especially for those potential sponsors.

If you agree that our website has much more to present, we can endeavour to make it better together in the future.

Thanks everybody. I really appreciate your vote.