Photo of Valeriia Orlova

Valeriia Orlova

Tennis: Social Secretary

Hi, my name is Valeria and I’m running to be your SocialSec next year. I am a second-year biomed student and joining tennis this year has definitely been the best decision I made since coming to Imperial. I loved the tennis social events and you will probably have seen me there.

I would really like to continue organising the great house crawls and fun nights out and add my own ^spin^ to them! My main aim is to make the society more united for all team and social members. I would love to increase the number of people who come to socials by tailoring the social calendar to your preferences. I will set up a group chat and run polls to give everyone a chance to take part in planning cool events together. I am really keen to organise joint socials with other societies to make sure you never run out of new people to meet!

There are few things I enjoy more in life than having a good time with great people, and I would like everyone in tennis to get more involved and just have a blast! I have experience organising social balls at school, so understand the full level of commitment required. Luckily, social events are all I invest my time into at Imperial, so I can guarantee you will all have the best time ever!