Photo of Yuqing Wu

Yuqing Wu

Women in SET: Industrial Liaison

I'm Yuqing, first-year Physics student.

I have been a member of Women in SET since my first week, and I strongly support its ideals of creating a community of supportive women in a male-dominated industry - to encourage more women to pursue SET careers.

I am aware that for our society to thrive, strong links to external organisations are necessary - and that's why I'm standing for Industrial Liaison. I hope to build strong relations with other companies, and work closely with other positions such as the Sponsorship Director. In addition, I will work on finding and advertising graduate opportunities provided by our sponsors to all our members.

In addition, I have strong interpersonal skills and professional communication ability - I'm good at building working relations with people, and I will use this in my role.

Thank you for reading my manifesto and remember to vote for me!