Photo of Zhidong Zuo

Zhidong Zuo

Student Trustee

Hey friends, my name is Zhidong Zuo.

Who am I?
I am a Doer, I believe in action. I talk less, but do more and fast because I believe the only way to accomplish your goal and make changes is to do the real thing.
I have valuable experience in Imperial College. I am a Council Representative for Undergraduate Natural Science students. Therefore, I have many opportunities to observe how the Student Union works. I always read the reports carefully, never miss any meeting in the Council, and thoughtfully vote for the choice which would maximize the benefits for Natural Science students I represent. Besides, I am also a student representative of first-year physics students. I solve lots of problems. Particularly, I promote the improvement of the new curriculum, seminar, with my teammates. I also strongly protest in the department for the discriminatory speech towards Chinese students about Cornorviours Pneumonia.
All of my friends are satisfied with what I did.

What can I do for you?
Depending on my experience, I not only understand the overall business operated by Union, but also comprehend what students usually concern. Thus, I believe in myself I can do the best for students and always protect our standpoints to ensure every policy or action hold by Student Union is good for the benefit of students. I will question, reject, stop any unfair policy against students and approve, propose positive policy.

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