Photo of Lei Shen

Lei Shen

Student Trustee

Hey there! I want to serve as your next Student Trustee because I want to achieve the full potential of what Imperial College Union (ICU) can offer. As your student union, ICU must be held accountable for how we implement our financial and physical resources, and I believe there are many ways we can transform your experience at Imperial. Some of my key goals for ICU include:

-Running more events that are accessible to the entire student population, like pushing to invite celebs to come perform at Imperial!
-Increasing the freedom and flexibility of room bookings and union personal resources (financial, advisory and project services)
-Implementing easy and relatively hassle-free ways of collecting your feedback and acting on it in a timely fashion
-Making the reimbursement and financial e-activities system of individual societies more efficient and straightforward

Personally, my experience has amply prepared me for this role. I have worked within the Union before as Biochemistry first year Wellbeing Rep and have been trained in effective leadership and representation. From organising major events on the Finance Soc committee, I personally understand how frustrating the union’s room booking, catering and financial claims systems can be. In addition, I am a proud Christian and wish to launch more non-alcohol events that are inclusive and celebrate our diversity. Finally, serving as Marketing Director in the Social Innovation Academy has taught me effective methods to improve transparency and to better implement your feedback.

As Student Trustee, I will work to improve our university experience!