Photo of Christopher Carter

Christopher Carter

Student Trustee

During my time at Imperial, I’ve seen the Union from every perspective; as a student, a bar worker, a CSP volunteer and as President of the Royal School of Mines Union. I’ve seen the good work that the Union can do when it works democratically, efficiently and transparently for the benefit of the students.

This year, I’ve worked with Faculties, Departments, CSPs and other Constituent Unions to ensure that the Union provides an experience we can all look back on fondly. Whether rejecting the College’s proposed rent increases, reforming the Liberation and Community Networks or representing students at Faculty levels, the Union and its subsets have the power to positively impact the student experience, and student volunteers are an essential part of that.

As Student Trustee, I’d jump right in and speak up for students who too often feel the Union doesn’t work for them. I will:

- Provide a strong, independent, student-focused voice on the Board of Trustees when discussing important financial or administrative matters
- Prioritise transparency when making decisions, ensuring all major decisions incorporate an appropriate level of student consultation
- Ensure Constituent Unions are afforded the support and resources necessary to work for students, as CUs have a greater understanding of the needs of the communities they represent

Over the past few years, I’ve shown that I have the experience, dedication and understanding to serve as a Student Trustee of ICU. I hope you’ll give me your vote so we can build a Union that works for you.