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Afaaf Azreen

Student Trustee

Hi, my name is Afaaf Azreen and I am a first year Chemistry student and I am running for the position of the Student Trustee. I believe I am suited for this position because I can offer insight about student experience as an International student and can also offer unbiased opinions regarding various subjects. Having held positions of various levels of responsibility and multiple positions of leadership such as Vice House Captain and President of the Islamic Society at school, I am aware that I will be able to adapt to exactly what is required of me as a student trustee. I am also keen in helping uphold the Union's values and will strive to achieve this. I will work towards providing insight that will improve student welfare by acting as a middle person in taking any feedback on offer. I think my experience with working with charities will help me reaching the goals of being a student trustee. As a trustee I will further the effort being made by the union to increase sustainability through the university.
Thank you for reading my manifesto and if you have any questions you can contact me on my college email.