Photo of Yuqing Wu

Yuqing Wu

Robotics: Education Coordinator

Hi, I'm Yuqing, first-year Physics student.

I participated in the Robotics 101 sessions in Term 2, and it was a fantastic experience learning to assemble all the parts and code the robot - it got to the end of the maze after just one trial run :) I'm now running for the position of Education Coordinator because I want to help our members share their knowledge and teach each other. As Education Coordinator, I'll be in charge of running Robotics 101, and I hope to continue its success by encouraging more new members to participate, and making sure all the resources are as up to date as possible. These sessions are a great way to learn the basics of Robotics while getting to know the society projects and members better!

I also want to come up with ideas for new projects. Right now we don't have many projects throughout the year, so I will work with the Events Coordinator and Equipment Officer to come up with ideas, possibly small-scale competitions we can run among members, or a challenge to build a robot to solve a specific task.

Vote for me in the upcoming election!