Photo of Oliver Barbaresi

Oliver Barbaresi

Cross Country & Athletics: Mens Captain

Hi everyone, I’m Ollie Barbaresi in second year biomedical engineering.
Running had been part of my life for quite a while now, both training and racing over the track, road and country.
I’ve loved competing for the club these last 2 years, and I want to help even more. If you elect me as Men’s Captain I’ll work to ensure we do everything possible (not to a Salazar extent dw) to retain the LUCA title and do even better in the BUCS’s competition in both long and short races. But HOW?! and what can I bring to the club I hear you ask?
• Using my experience I’ve been grateful to gain over years to add more structure to weekly trainings, helping to add miles in a controlled manner (#moremiles != #speedier), and adding the
option of a Saturday session to those wanting an alternative to parkrun.
• Injuries are a part of running and I’d aim to provide gym exercises for both injury prevention and strength, key to performance (GAINZZZ). I can help to provide advice when they do inevitably
come up, reducing $$$ physio trips.
• I will of course try and keep up Charlie’s great work at maximizing attendance for trainings and social events. You all know this club is about having a good time together as much as running!
• Top notch pancakes and the occasional yummy apple cake

I am insanely hyped to see what next season brings for the BOYS and the club as a whole!!