Photo of Lintong Li

Lintong Li

Graduate Students' Union: Vice President (Representation)

I'm a first-year PhD student at Civil-and-Environmental-Engineering Department. It's of my honor to run for this position. If elected, I promise to serve all graduate students wholeheartedly.

The tuition fee for master students is super high,which is a huge financial burden for them, and this fees increases rapidly annually. Many academically outstanding students were stopped because of the high tuition fee. I believe master education should be available for the many, not the few rich!

Therefore, my priority will be negotiating with college to reduce tuition fee and/or stop it from increasing. Meanwhile, I will campaign to push university provide more funding opportunities and internship opportunities for graduate students. LSE-Student-Union had already stopped the annual increasing of the tuition fee, I believe we can do that also!

In order to guarantee your voice being heard by GSU and university, I'll organize monthly question-time event to talk with you.We'll answer your questions, collect your ideas and suggestions, reported your voices to university and graduate school!

We will also work closely with university and graduate school to enhance and defend the reputation of Imperial College.This can be achieved through more international advertisement, communication and closer connection with international companies. We'll also invite them host more career events in campus, therefore, provide you with more international jobs and internships opportunities! Furthermore, we will also invite some excellent graduated alumni to host keynote speech in campus, sharing their experiences and building strong networking with you.This can potentially improve your employment competitiveness.

Please vote me!!!