Photo of Emma Dolphin

Emma Dolphin

Dance Club: Vice-Captain (Team Treasurer)

Being Vice-Captain (Team Treasurer) would allow me to make a valuable contribution to the running of the team in the way most suited to my strengths. The most important aspect of the role is the need to meet tight deadlines for payments, requiring a significant amount of organisational skill and time management. In my independent studies I have always completed work well in advance of deadlines, and when working in a group project have also always managed to use effective communication to motivate others to complete tasks on time, skills easily applicable to a team treasurer who needs to ensure all team members make payments on time. For example, I took part in several engineering-related team projects for CREST Awards while at school, where I took responsibility for ensuring group tasks were completed by set deadlines. I was also responsible for offering more specialist knowledge to the team, conducting research and performing calculations, which would translate well to the part the treasurer plays within the team and among the vice-captains – using spreadsheets to work with data and perform calculations. If I become Team Treasurer, I intend to work well in conjunction with the dance club treasurer to help subsidise competitions further. As a member of the main team who also takes salsa and bachata classes, I am keen to assist the rest of the committee to expand on the work already done integrating these two sides of the dance club and would help to organise more shared activities and events.