Photo of Sofia Patri

Sofia Patri

Dance Club: Vice-President (Events)

Hi, I am Sofia, I started dancing this year and I was part of the beginner’s team. As I really enjoyed the activities and the events that were organised by this year’s amazing committee, I would like to be more involved and help as much as I can in ensuring that next year will be as enjoyable as this one. I am running for VP Events and believe I am the perfect person for the role due to my event-organisation skills and my enthusiasm. This year I have co-organised the Fashion Show for the IC fashion and design society, which was really successful. We carefully planned the day, giving attention to small details so that everything could run smoothly, solving every issue that happened before or on the day of the show. I would be honoured to use these skills and organise the socials for the dance club as the society is very dear to me and I want to help spreading the love for dancing. I hope you will consider me for this role, I will be fully dedicated to it and do my very best.