Photo of James Hamer

James Hamer

RSMU: Pit & Publicity Officer

What are people saying?
“That was great content!” – future reader of Maclamer’s Pit
“We should’ve done this yesterday” – James Hamer

About us

Hamer possesses a strong RSM bloodline, being a direct descendant of Alfie, a gold standard Pit veteran whose work brought joy to the lives of the many, not the few. If you want more of the same next year, vote Maclamer.

Maclean comes from a less fortunate gene pool, inheriting the traits of an Italian and a lightweight (see image above), this true Cardiffian guarantees quality content when he leaves his room.

The Welsh pair love juicy gossip, milk in their cuppa and the RSM. With one English GSCE between them, expect steamy tea to be spilt with highest level of grammar the Welsh education system has to offer.


Maclean – Teck decks, TikToks and over 1500 followers on a company Instagram page (@flag_fingerboards).

Hamer – Avid meme creator, sometimes posts good snapchat stories and often regarded as the CEO of private Instagram accounts, owning 8.


• Monthly Pit competitions.
• Revival of RSM social media – use social media as a platform to inform the public about RSM life.
• Topical science updates through social media accounts.
• YouTube channel.
• Pit TikTok.
• RSM confessions.
• Focus on inclusivity – Regular account takeovers from people across the RSM and academic interviews.
• PUNCTUAL publication of the pit.
• Candle lit steak dinner for one lucky voter (courtesy of Student Finance England).


It’s a no brainer,
If you love the RSM,
Vote for Maclamer.