Photo of Rebekah Kay

Rebekah Kay

RSMU: Vice President (Activities & Events)

Hey everyone, I’m Rebekah, a third-year materials student and I have had the pleasure of being vice-captain of the RSM women’s hockey team this past year. Having been involved in organising kit, training and matches, I feel that I know what it takes to manage events that will be appealing to both freshers and current students alike.
As your Vice President of Activities & Events, I would aim to:
- Keep events costs as low as possible by canvassing opinions on what everyone wants from events, liaising with current venues and potentially finding some new places.
- Increase participation at events by collaborating with all the DepSocs to ensure all members of the RSM enjoy the fantastic events we run throughout the year, as well as looking to return paintball to the events calendar (Hill Cup or otherwise).
- Support inclusivity by ensuring that the non-drinking events continue, such as mini-golf, Olympics and arts and crafts, whilst also collaborating with the new VP (Welfare) for any new ideas.
In addition to this, I would like to gauge interest from current students over the summer break about any new events that are feasible to run; after all, these events are run by students for the students. I hope you will vote for so that I can continue to develop on all the amazing work that Daisy has done this past year and ensure that all the RSM events are some of the most enjoyable around!