Photo of Allana Russell

Allana Russell

RSMU: Vice President (Activities & Events)

Hey all, I’m Allana a 2nd year materials student. As someone that has got involved with RSM by doing netball and by going to a lot of the events, I am keen to get the chance to organise these myself. If I was to become VPAE a priority would be to entice more materials freshers into RSM and to keep the price of dinners down. I will do all I can to keep the events as good, if not better than last year, including introducing an RSM curry as the Christmas event. Before each event, I am eager to find out what the most important aspects are to RSMers. This way it may be possible to remove certain parts in order to make them cheaper. Fresher events are a large part of this role, I had a great experience myself and want to continue to ensure that everyone is enjoying them. One way that would make freshers more inclusive would be by making the non-drinking events more popular. The way I suggest this could happen is by using the network of ‘Mums and Dads’ to encourage their ‘children’ to come along. Bar nights are one of my favourite RSM events to go to, so for next year I would like to get around the capacity issue, so everyone is able to get into the Union Bar. I feel like I’m a very social person who is capable of organising and carrying on the amazing events that RSM are known for.