Photo of Harroop Bola

Harroop Bola

Neuroscience: Secretary

My name is Harroop, and I hope to be the Neuroscience Secretary next year. Being an academic representative for the new phase 1a curriculum has uniquely provided me with the privilege of understanding the true concerns of my cohort, and future generations of medical students. Integrating this beneficial knowledge with the society would provide inspiration to create supplementary material and tutorials that best accommodates the needs of younger students, and help set the future direction of neuroscience.

My role has allowed me to develop and become involved in the organization of multiple events, charing meetings with faculty; analyzing student feedback, and communicating with students for ideas. This responsibility has developed my skills to effectively serve the role as secretary, coupled with previous organizational experiences with the Vision Junior Conference, I feel that I can provide insightful suggestions in support of this society.

Communication is essential both as a team-player within a committee and as a coordinator during conferences, an accumulated skill which I feel would be best served in this position. It would be an absolute honor to serve alongside members of the committee and have an active engagement with the society.

I am an enthusiastic, creative, and diligent individual, who is determined to support the Neuroscience Society's success in the upcoming academic year, reaching the zenith of this respectable society.