Photo of Alice Muller

Alice Muller

Robotics: Events Coordinator

As the Robotics Society’s Events Coordinator I will:
- Make ICRS more diverse
- Introduce other majors to ICRS to increase membership
- Increase interdisciplinary robotics collaboration
- Organise industry sponsored events, workshops & robo-thons
- Organise social events for ICRS members to meet
- Invite a diverse set of speakers
. Improve ICRS for everyone

With robotics growing impact on society, tomorrow’s robotics engineers need to be versed in a diverse set of topics beyond engineering.
I will contribute to the ICRS community with a unique perspective by organising events that encourage greater gender diversity & interdisciplinary academic collaboration for a more holistic robotics engineering education.
As an MSc & MA Innovation Design Engineering student, I will be able to bring in more members from the Dyson School of Engineering & the Royal College of Art. I will organise external speakers from Imperial College, the Royal College of Art, industry, start ups, other universities & NGOs to talk about robotics, robot ethics, HRI & the future of robotics from diverse perspectives. I will organise more industry sponsored making events, robo-thons & social events for the whole ICRS member body.
With various majors being interested in robotics, I will foster greater collaboration through events among different majors to open up the society more.
I’ve had previous experiences during my undergraduate degrees in events planning & coordination as Vice President for the New School’s Activities Board (2018 - 2019 in NYC) & as Treasury for the New School’s National Retail Federation (2018 - 2019 in NYC).

Thank you for your consideration! :D