Photo of Zixiao Wang

Zixiao Wang

International Officer

I am a second-year civil-engineering PhD student, this is my 6th year at Imperial. I know everything about this university, I am proud to be part of it, and I am ready to serve for all its students.

Recently serving as the Vice-President (Operations) at Graduate-Students'-Union,and I think both Union and Graduate-Students'-Union should be the platform to fight for the interest of all imperial students. I completed my A-Level in China, before enrolled in Imperial as an undergraduate, I had a half-year studying-experience at Australian-National-University. These international educational background made me know the demands of international students extremely well, hence I confidently believe I am the suitable_candidate for this position.

At this stage, many international-students who have graduated, especially with a one-year master-degree, and gone back to their home-countries, having their degrees described as "low-gold-content", making themselves at disadvantage in job-market.That is mainly because of the degree-selling: super high tuition-fees were charged to international-students, making the admission prioritize rich rather than academic-excellence.

Imperial is spoiling its global-reputation, turning_itself to be another UCL ! I believe union must campaign_to_stop this money-motivated commercial-behavior! This is why I nominate myself as International Officer. I will work with union to:

Keep telling the university such a high-tuition-fee is unreasonable, especially for international-students;

Collaborate with the university to defend its global-reputation;

Collaborate with cultural-societies-and-international-companies to organize-more job-fairs, therefore, providing global job-and-internship opportunities for Imperial Students;

Defend the rights of EU-students after Brexit!

This is the true-voice of Imperial-students, this is what they want us to do!