Photo of Yingxu Li

Yingxu Li

International Officer

“How dare this “nobody” stands for this role”, you might think. Well, let this “nobody” try to convince you why. I am a Chinese student who completed middle school in China, high school in New Zealand and is now a new member of the international students in the UK! Having experienced so many cultural environments, I enjoy interacting with varied people and embracing cultural diversity. I recognize the need for cultural cohesion and a culturally accepting environment. As an international student, I have always acknowledged the challenges of adapting to new environments. An alien environment can seem daunting. I believe in our potential to aid international students to get the best out of Imperial. I have confidence in my communication skills. I can bridge the gap between our diverse student bodies. I can facilitate better communication and forge that interconnectedness amongst us. I intend to raise the voice of the international students to build a warm and welcoming Imperial to our new and talented students. I am a member of the Chinese Student Association (帝国学联赞助部)and have been the Deputy Head of the Student Union in my middle school. I believe this is an acknowledgement of my organization and leadership skills. I would be happy to organize multicultural events for international students to encourage a well-connected student body. I believe that I belong to this international community. Who better to represent this voice? Than someone who has been and will always be, an international student in this culturally diverse institution.