Photo of Raghav Khanna

Raghav Khanna

International Officer

Hi everyone, I’m Raghav, and I’m excited to be in the running to be your next International Officer!

Over the past two years, I have had the chance to meet students from every corner of the world. Imperial is truly an International university!! This gives everyone a chance to experience different cultures. One of the best ways is through the range of cultural and national societies.

As an international student myself I have experienced some of the challenges that other International Students have also faced and can relate. If elected, I would like to organise regular town hall meetings where, as a collective, we can discuss challenges that we are facing and find and advocate for solutions.

This year my objectives would be to:
•Provide a strong voice represents the needs of ALL International students at Imperial and promotes equality amongst diverse groups of students
•Organise an intercultural showcase event where all the cultural and national societies can showcase their culture, food and students can learn about the various cultures
•Advocate for better support for the ERASMUS program and increased English language support at Imperial
•Organise regular townhall style meetings

It would truly be a privilege to work as a liberation officer as an International Officer, a role that I have passion for.

Vote for Community! Vote Raghav as your next International Officer!