Photo of Isabelle Zhang

Isabelle Zhang

International Officer

Hi everyone! I'm Isabelle, and I hope to represent all you international students in Council next year.

I have lived in Hong Kong all my life, though my parents are Chinese-American, and I studied in the UK before attending Imperial. I believe I understand the issues faced by international students, whether it is a feeling of third-culture identity or the culture shock faced when adapting to a new environment.

Currently, I am the Biochemistry Dep Rep, an RCSU committee member, and Editor for our student newspaper Felix. Through these roles I have gained extensive knowledge of the Union and the Imperial-specific environment that we international students face.

- Through Felix, I see first hand the beauty of diverse opinions and global perspectives, having edited and discussed numerous articles submitted by students from Spain, Italy, India, America, China, and more; I see how decisions made by the College/Union affect international students (e.g. accommodation, fees, etc);
- As Dep Rep, I see the cultural differences present in the academic environment, from different learning styles to language barriers to admissions, and how they benefit our learning experience

I can assure you I am fit for the role:
- I am passionate about making lasting, impactful changes
- I am honest, approachable, and focused
- I am organized and can juggle multiple commitments

I think the role would be fun! I look forward to (hopefully) being your International Officer!