Photo of Zahra Deji-Abiola

Zahra Deji-Abiola

Black & Minority Ethnic Students Officer

Diversity is the first step; the aim is inclusion.

I want to:

- Stimulate BME community of past and future, helping present.
Many alumni have insights beneficial to students of similar backgrounds and want a connection to Imperial again. Working as a student caller, I've spoken to alumni and realised many don’t know how they can contribute after graduation. I want to build that network with focus on the BME community.
Children having role models they see themselves in is important and because of this I spent time tutoring voluntarily which was a rewarding experience as the tutees quickly identified with me. I want to encourage BME students to help with outreach programs and create a network for programs to work together and share resources.

-Increase the reach and frequency of visibility campaigns like Black People of Imperial, which I participated in. Visibility is important for making groups feel acknowledged and exposing the wider community to diverse lived experiences not otherwise considered.

-Improve 1st year integration (close to my heart) particularly for BME students. As a Beit Hall Senior and ChemEngSoc Freshers' Coordinator, I have planned events to integrate freshers into these spaces and the wider community. In both of these situations, BME students gravitated towards me for support and I want to extend this.

Students' lived experiences aren't all the same or treated equally. As seen from my passionate contribution during last year’s Hall Rent while speaking for students as Beit Hall Chair, I'm confident when speaking out for others.