Photo of Deborah Adegoke

Deborah Adegoke

Black & Minority Ethnic Students Officer

Hi! I’m Debbie & I am currently your B&ME Officer for the 2019/20 academic year. I’m rerunning because I haven’t been able to fully taken advantage of this role.

What I’ve currently done so far:
- Shed light on Liberation &bCommunity Officers (LCOs)! It’s safe to say our presence was not *well* known & we have the potential to make a real impact; we’ve already been introduced (there are many photos on campus), and I would like to stick around!
- Getting student liberation networks underway: the LCOs currently work alone & a team is needed
- Organised an outreach event with 170+ Y12&13 black students attending; mental health talks, subject-specific sessions & uni advice were given throughout the day!

What I plan to do:
- Continue to develop the BAME student networks; gathering a team of motivated people, establishing social media, resource pages etc.
- Broadcast more BAME careers events to relevant departments/societies
- Bring in external counselling services over the exam period
- Continue organising events with the Outreach team to bring more BAME students into the uni
- Tackle the issue with the BAME student lifecycle (we need more students coming to & enjoying Imperial)
- Host an awareness week about the race inequality- students and staff (especially non-BAME) are reluctant to talk it
- Get to know people! I can only represent students if I know what they want.

If you are also running for this role, want to know what this year’s been like, or how you can get involved in the networks, please don’t hesitate to contact me (