Photo of David Mawassie-Chang Kit

David Mawassie-Chang Kit

Black & Minority Ethnic Students Officer

Don't we all love minorities.
In the past, they brought joy as vents for ridicule and abuse. Now they seem to add value to any cause. Organisations definitely enjoy the statistic that having people from minority groups brings but I think that in many cases, they don't perfectly care for them. For a university, these minority groups are mostly international students and being one of them, I understand why it is hard to perfectly care for them. Unsurprisingly, it's mainly because they're just not many people from minorities that are involved in the welfare of minority groups so relatability tends to get lost sometimes.

I'm from Trinidad and Tobago and I'm willing to bet that you have never met someone from there before and if you Google it, I'm sure you won't get much more education on it.
Trinidad's composite social structure, stratification, history and western influence is easily capable of making unique characters.
Leadership Experience? Most recently I was the President of the Young Leaders club at my last school, which had the highlight of earning an international award, with some administerial duties then and before.
Conclusively, I see myself as passionate, fit and grateful for the opportunity to get this responsibility.

In 1851, Prince Albert envisioned an area of culture. No font, text format or video could make you fathom the amount of culture the smallest minority group can share
They exist in small proportions, but rarity propagates value
Ensure the voice of culture
Support us.