Photo of Susan Rutter

Susan Rutter

Interfaith Officer

Hi, I’m Susan, I’m a second-year maths student, and I’m running to be your interfaith officer. In my time at Imperial I’ve really appreciated the opportunities for interfaith dialogue with other students here, and this has led me to want to run for interfaith officer.

My primary aim as interfaith officer is to facilitate and normalise interfaith dialogue, which I hope to do by raising the profile of interfaith events, and by provoking conversations on campus. I believe that impactful interfaith discussion can and does occur outside of chaplaincy events, and that this should be promoted more.

I would like to introduce more educational events, in addition to dialogue events, as for many students at Imperial there may not have been an opportunity for them to learn about other faiths. While I would like to keep the dialogue events that do not specifically focus on one religion, I would also like to encourage the religious societies at Imperial to run more of the interfaith events.

An important role of the interfaith officer is also to promote the wellbeing of students on campus with concerns relating to religion. I believe I would be good at this, both on union council and when talking to departments, as I am approachable, and an effective communicator. I would also work to ensure that department deadlines take account of religious obligations.