Photo of Safi Siamwalla

Safi Siamwalla

Interfaith Officer

Heya! I’m Safi, and I’m applying to be your interfaith officer! Diversity in faith and the culture intertwined with it can be so exciting, something we can appreciate here at Imperial. Often, the religious differences among us are assumed to be a reason of conflict. However, I see it as an acknowledgement that a multitude of choices exists!

I believe that creating an accepting and coherent society amongst our student body goes beyond mere acknowledgement of various beliefs. Rather, it should involve, committing to mutual respect and an ongoing dialog.
As someone with a mixed background (half Buddhist half Muslim family), I myself felt challenged under the social pressures of conflicting belief. This unique understanding of faith enables me to value different perspectives. Volunteering at Mosques and temples, whilst also attending a Christian school, allowed me to further develop a rich understanding of various beliefs. Because of this, I am well equipped to navigate different religions and feel strongly about doing so. From experiences as President of the South-East-Asian cultural society and Student-body rep, I have learned key communicative and decision-making skills. I like to approach conflict rationally and remain calm in tense situations, which makes me suitable for this role.

At university, a second home to most of us, it’s essential to develop real tolerance of contrasting, and sometimes conflicting religions, and consequently, eliminate the negative consequences of fear, divisiveness and prejudice. Through my commitment and passion, it’s what I hope to do over my time as Interfaith officer.:)