Photo of Rayyan Islam

Rayyan Islam

Medical Education: Webmaster

Hey, I'm Rayyan, and I'd like to be the webmaster for MedEd next year.

I've got a huge amount of interest in medical education, and experience in hardware, software, as well as web design and graphic design.

I'm aware having spoken to MedEd previously that they're looking for new initiatives to further improve the delivery of teaching in the future, including the possibility of recording lectures and making them available to students during certain time periods.
Whatever the next committee decides, I have the technical expertise to facilitate it effectively for your convenience.

In addition, I'll continue the work done thus far to the same high standard, including updating the website to make it more user-friendly, making all powerpoints easily accessible when they're made public, and maintaining MedEd's Instagram with SBAs throughout the year.

I'll always be open to any relevant suggestions and improvements: MedEd teaching is important to so many students in ICSM, so it's important that you can have an input in your experience.

Thank you for reading, please vote for me!