Photo of Nihara Herath

Nihara Herath

Medical Education: Webmaster

Hi guys, my name is Nihara and I am running to be your MedED webmaster.

I became interested in MedEd after getting involved with their teaching academy where I have gained invaluable skills and gotten the chance to meet amazing people. I would love the chance to contribute to their work as part of the committee.

I believe I would be ideal for this role since I am organised and so would be reliable in keeping the MedED platforms up to date and be on hand for any problems that may arise.

My aims:
- Website: I will ensure the website is up to date and user-friendly.
- Social Media: I will be active on all the MedED social media platforms to publicise all the events and opportunities MedED have to offer. I will make Instagram a useful learning platform by not only continuing to post SBA style questions but also medical mnemonics and useful diagrams. Furthermore, I would like to make it better known in the earlier years through social media.
- Forum/Blog: I plan to create a platform to facilitate discussion between medics across all year groups allowing them to share their advice, tips and experiences from clinical placements, as well as discuss other topics. This could include OSPE/OSCE/PACES tips and tricks, interesting case histories or even medical memes.
- I will always welcome any ideas or suggestions.

Overall, I will cooperate with MedED committee to ensure good communication and a united message across all social media platforms.