Photo of Andrea Perez Navarro

Andrea Perez Navarro

Medical Education: Webmaster

My name is Andrea Pérez, a second-year medical student, and I am running for MedEd WebMaster.
From my involvement in the international educational organisation the European Youth Parliament, I have gained experience in organising events at all scales: from leading regional and national events to being part of the organising team of an 11 daylong event which brought together around 300 people from 40 different nations. I have helped design graphic content for these events- such as logos, promotional material and announcements-, skills which I would apply in my role as Webmaster. I have the leadership and intercultural teamwork skills necessary for the smooth running of the MedEd team and inter-society cooperation but also the commitment, ambition and vision needed to take MedEd one step forwards.
As of now, MedEds online presence is quite limited. Social media is such a great platform to get well known and to share educational material with as many people as possible but still, we don't make enough use of it. As WebMaster, I would like to change this. The projects I would like to introduce are:
- Creating Early and Older years MedEd Instagram accounts where we could post aesthetic infographics with educational content, weekly SBAs and more.
- Posting images about MedEd events and introducing different committee positions so that other medical students get some insight into what we can offer and how they could get involved
- Explore the possibility of creating a question bank on the MedEd website for easy access by students