Photo of Aleksandra Dunin-Borkowska

Aleksandra Dunin-Borkowska

Medical Education: Webmaster

Hi everyone! I’m Aleksandra and I’d love to be your Webmaster for the upcoming year!

I am currently the Webmaster for the Society of Research and Academia and have really enjoyed the role as it allows me to combine my strengths in programming with the creative side of web design. I have experience in HTML, CSS, Python and JavaScript, as well as design softwares such as Adobe Illustrator. My roles as Publicity and Sponsorship Officer for MedTech have shown me the importance of well designed promotional material to attract as many people as possible to each event, as well as the importance of teamwork within the committee.

My main aim as Webmaster would be to keep the website up to date so that it can act as a point of reference for people interested in the events run by MedEd by adding a widget to the homepage. In addition, I would like for it to become a tool for students to use to find resources and tips to aid their learning throughout medical school, especially in the transition to clinical years. I hope to also introduce some blog posts written by students and staff sharing their knowledge.

Thank you for reading my manifesto and I hope you vote for me as your Webmaster!