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Radhika Rana

Mechanical Engineering: Publicity Officer

Hey kids,
I'm Radhika(Rads), a third year student. As publicity officer I will ensure publicity of information to the public. Publicising this information will mean i have fulfilled my duties as your publicity officer achieving mass publicity through publicing information.
All jokes aside, having been East African Soc's secretary for the past 3 years, I've learnt that spreading information about upcoming events is apparently my true caling. The society has grown alot over my time here and the publicity of events has been imperative to this growth, encouraging more and more people to show up for some great events.
What to expect: great pictures, pretty posters & aesthetic posts.
If you've reached this far into reading my manifesto, congratulations on a collosal waste of time, jkjk vote rads!
Ok bye kids.