Photo of Mihai-Andru Angheliu

Mihai-Andru Angheliu

CGCU: Events Officer

Hi everyone, I’m Andru! I’m known for choosing innovative approaches, having an open mind, and expressing my ideas clearly with a great deal of enthusiasm. As Events Officer, I will deploy these talents to engineer a wide range of new events to help draw the whole faculty together.

My main goal for the year is to spearhead the organisation of a new sustainability hackathon spanning all factions of engineering. I will acquire sponsors for the event who will provide challenges for the teams to tackle. Teams will present their solutions in front of the sponsors and their fellow attendees for the chance to win prizes. I will leverage my connections with ‘Student Energy’ – a global charity focused on building the next generation of energy leaders to connect us with people and companies interested in supporting us.

I will build on the great work of last year’s committee through my enthusiasm and commitment. I will:
1. Organise a charity CGCU-wide barbecue, where people from all departments can come together and socialise while enjoying a plethora of international food
2. Run a range of smaller events throughout the year such as mini-golf, laser tag and karting
3. Set up a form where students can get more involved with the committee by submitting their ideas for events

If you want to see an abundance of new events including a sustainability-focused hackathon, new social activities and opportunities for everyone to get involved in the planning of events, vote Andru for Events Officer!