Photo of Itziar de Pedro Sarasola

Itziar de Pedro Sarasola

CGCU: Events Officer

Boring. Antisocial. Not fun. That is what some people think of us, Imperial engineering students. My name is Itziar de Pedro and I’m a first-year DesEng student. I’m running for Events Officer with my friend Sibylle Rerolle and we’re determined to change people’s views on our university’s social life. We’re determined to make Imperial fun, with the help of all of you.

Back home, in Spain, I was elected class representative and was part of the student council during my year abroad in California. Therefore, I have helped organize many events such as cultural trips, annual school dances, homecoming games, food festivals, charity events, workshops or talks. Here in London, the possibilities are endless and I would love to be able to turn student’s event ideas (as original as they may be) into a reality. Imperial Colour Run? Prom 2021? Carnival concert? Just name it and, as Events Officer, I promise I will do everything I can to make it happen.

Enthusiastic and proactive describe me well and that is why I have always enjoyed organizing events, big or small. I love how CGCU is always bustling with activities, buzzing with creative ideas and I can’t wait to by being part of the committee that represents 4200 undergrads and 8 departments. The traditional welcome dinner, various pub crawls, receptions and karaoke nights have proved that even engineers can party, but it’s time to show the world that Imperial is actually very fun. Will you help me?