Photo of Aurna Maitra

Aurna Maitra

Bio Engineering: Social Events Coordinator

Hi! I'm Aurna and I'm a First Year Molecular (yes, a Molecular - move on) Bioengineering student. I'm running for Social Events Coordinator because I believe that I have what it takes to make BioengSoc events bang. I'm an enthusiastic and outgoing person and I'm always ready to get involved in participating in and planning events. I'm also quite short and energetic, so this role will allow me to channel my energy in a constructive manner for your benefit.

I'm a member of a variety of other societies and their Sub-Committees and intend to use my experiences in organising and participating in their events to help me run BioengSoc socials smoothly and efficiently. I've had experience running inter-school societies where I had high position roles such as Deputy House Captain and Vice Chair which have given me exposure to working under pressure, teamwork (to make your BioengSoc dreams work) and organisation. I will strive to ensure that socials aren't restricted to just free pizza (although this tradition will be continued!). I'm a sociable and approachable person so will be happy to hear about your ideas and suggestions. I will also be taking regular feedback and input to make sure that you guys have the best experiences possible.

So, if my amazing sense of humour and (clearly) well-written manifesto haven't convinced you that I am the right woman for the role, vote for me because I put the L in "Lit Socials" and that's the only L I'll be bringing to BioengSoc.