Photo of Athina Dendri

Athina Dendri

Bio Engineering: Social Events Coordinator

Hi everyone! I am Athina, I am a 2nd year and running to be your 2020/21 Social Events Co-ordinator.

I still remember when I first came to Imperial how much the BioengSoc helped us as new students to engage in social activities, meet and socialise with so many charming, exciting and fun people both from our year and other years. From fancy Christmas dinners to end-of-term bashes we can't remember (I wonder why), we all know how much fun these events with our friends can be (even though in some cases we had to wake up hungover for a 9am the next day).

Having been an academic and wellbeing representative this year, I believe I have valuable skills to bring to this position, such as leadership, teamwork and communication, but also the necessary responsibility, all of which are important for a Social Events Co-ordinator. Next year, as your Social Events Co-ordinator, I will commit to:
- Continue to organise (and perhaps improve) the traditional events our society takes pride in, such as the pub crawls and bashes, and welcome 1st years to attend them, making them see why bioengineering students are truly the coolest
- Remain openminded, creative, approachable and open to everyone’s suggestions about social events that will be for everyone and make everyone proud to be part of our society

I hope I have shown you my enthusiasm and my plans for our society next year, and I promise I will do my best to create exciting events for everyone.