Photo of Churk Chung

Churk Chung

Robotics: Chair

Hey y’all, I’m Churk!

You may recognise my name from the ICRS Slack offering advice (or more likely, posting memes) or as Secretary last year spamming your inboxes with Star Wars references. Having spent 3 years in the ICRS committee now, I have an understanding of what goes on in ICRS and how it is run. I have the experience and knowledge of the society to be a point of contact to those unfamiliar with ICRS and can also guide and assist new committee members to understanding and performing their roles.

I bring to the committee my (somewhat existent) organizational skills, my persistence to get other members to do relevant training quizzes, my “loudspeaker voice mode”, and my continued obsession of Star Wars.

As president, I would like to continue establishing the society as an open hackspace for people to come and work on projects, for coursework or otherwise. I want to ensure the space is safe, welcoming, and undaunting for new and veteran members alike.

Additionally, I would like to develop the social aspect of the society and increase promotion, retention and general interest in the society. One such way this may be achieved is by reviving and reorganizing weekly projects in smaller, more approachable subtasks such that the project is less intimidating for newcomers to work on.