Photo of Gavin Soh

Gavin Soh

Robotics: Treasurer

Hi everyone! This is Gavin, the current Treasurer.

The committee has achieved much over this past year. I am happy to share that we have:
- Procured additional 3D printers to meet the extra demand (and to ensure that there are more working printers at any point)
- Organised many socials over pizza, a few talks with companies such as Arm and lecturers from Imperial
- Ran a very successful Sumobots competition that we intend to bring back next year as well

Through my experience over the past two years, I am intimately familiar with the whole of ICRS’s financial situation, having managed our income streams (sponsorship, 101, etc.) and expenses. Hence, I can craft sensible budgets and allocate funding fairly based on what our society requires. This is on top of my experience in managing different Robotics society (of budgets >‎£3500).

This coming year, I intend to:
- Grow ICRS’s influence in organising robotics competition and working closely with other Robotics societies in the UK
- Work with the relevant committee members to secure more sponsorships and funding to host events such as hackathons and talks

It has been a great experience serving in the ICRS committee over the past year and I am eager to continue serving and improving ICRS. That’s it from me! I hope you’ll support me in this election.