Photo of Shervin Sabeghi

Shervin Sabeghi

Deputy President (Welfare)

Hi! I’m Shervin, your Deputy President (Welfare) this year and, beforehand, the RCSU's Welfare Officer for two years. It's been a pleasure to represent and advocate for students at Imperial and I’ve immensely enjoyed working on projects with volunteers to bring about change.

My biggest achievements so far have been co-leading halls rent negotiations producing a £3 million reduction for students, reforming Liberation and Community to better advocate for underrepresented students, and refreshing the training of welfare volunteers to better equip them in their roles. With a second year as DPW, I will:

- Continue to stand up for students on key issues like halls rent
- Tackle sexual harassment and misconduct at Imperial
- Improve support structures for postgraduate research students, addressing systemic supervision issues
- Work with clubs and societies to promote positive, inclusive cultures

- Review the Union’s offering at non-South Kensington campuses to ensure all students are considered and build a unified Imperial community
- See through the Liberation and Community reform, establishing advocacy networks for underrepresented students
- Complete actions from the ongoing review of the Wellbeing Representation Network to strengthen its impact on the student experience
- Improve mechanisms to raise issues through rep structures so all voices are heard

As the Union continues changing for the better, a second year will allow me to embed a culture of transparency, inclusivity and care - one that keeps the needs of students at the heart of all we do.

To keep this change going, #KeepShervIn.