Photo of Dmitrii Usynin

Dmitrii Usynin

Deputy President (Welfare)

Not your typical "union is failing" type of manifesto. There are a lot of wellbeing issues that college has not addressed: counseling queues are incredibly long, most engineering departments do not have a dedicated wellbeing advisor. It would be unfair to blame an understaffed and underpaid union, when college refuses to cooperate in almost any way shape or form. Students are struggling financially? Lets increase rent! Student reports that they have been assaulted? We will quietly investigate and make sure nothing happens to the abuser publicly, so we do not gain any bad reputation. Union does not have enough money to keep a consistent number of full-paid staff? Well the president, who is on the board of directors of Chevron (cough divest cough) surely does (plus many other perks). What was the response to these? There wasn't: neither college, nor the current wellbeing team has done anything about it except for censoring student-run facebook pages, trying to be silent about students being assaulted and continue to make life more difficult for those who try to change this.

What is the point of this rant? How will it help me get elected? It probably wont. But for the past years my campaigns have achieved exactly what I wanted it to achieve: there are now more qualified people running than ever that genuinely care and want to make a difference. Maybe this year they will also begin to be open about the real college wide issues, not just "union is shit".