Photo of Raghav Khanna

Raghav Khanna

CGCU: Web Editor

Hi everyone, I’m Raghav, and I’m excited to be in the running to be your next CGCU Web Editor again this year! As current CGCU Webmaster, I have gained experience of the internal intricacies which make the union tick which will be integral in my success in future roles. Additionally, I have also had the pleasure of interacting with a wide range of the societies within the CGCU which spawned my interest in running for this role. I bring the leadership, work-ethic and experience that this role deserves.

This year I built on the work of my predecessor on a ticket scanning and management system completing it and successfully deploying it for this year’s CGCU Dinner. I have also been helping some of the societies with maintaining their websites, something I look to continue to do next year.

If elected, I also plan to create a sponsor’s portal for all Engineers to make it easy to begin to look for an internship or a job or even reach out to them to organise an event.

Vote Raghav as your next CGCU Web Editor!