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Emyr Williams

Aeronautics: Social Executive

Hey all! I’m Emyr,

A lot of you probably know me as that idiot who somehow made it into 2nd year despite going out every night. I’ve always believed having a social life at uni is just as important as work. That’s why I’d love the opportunity to help lift everyone’s spirits as social sec. The course is a bit of a drag at times, which is why we should all do more stuff together! As social sec, I just want to make sure everyone in aero has a great time!

So expect loads of activities:
• Movie nights
• Cake baking
• Games nights
• More collabs with other departments
• Trips (paintball, Puttshack etc.)
• All-day events (student staff matches etc.)

And for all you BoOzY LeGeNdS:
• Bar nights/crawls
• Team challenges (ski-trip style!)
• Piccadilly-dilly (what’s that!?)
• Supersonic (give me gin and tonic!)
• Suit up will be brilliant this year!

And I’d love to hear what sort of activities you’d all like!

I feel I’d be suited to the job. I’ve had plenty of experience organising events on an often-small budget, thanks to my time as a scout leader and on that Japan thing (that I never shut up about). Above all, as the 2nd years will testify, I can do a night out!

So if that sounds good, vote Emyr for an absolutely wild year with Aerosoc!

Much love!