Photo of Joseph Lai

Joseph Lai

Snowsports: Tours Coordinator

Hey I'm Joe, you might recognise me snowploughing down the mountain or falling off the tables at folie. At snowsports the two main goals are to get as much time as possible on the slopes and to have fun. Even when stuck in the UK in the middle of November. That's why BUDS is one of the best experiences. As BUDS sec i hope to achieve

1. Greater publicity for BUDS to increase participation
2. Conducting a review of BUDS last year to see what worked and what didn't and making the appropriate changes
3. Working to ensure that the entire trip is run as smoothly as possible, to maximise time for skiing and other shenanigans (safely and responsibly obviously!
4. Picking the most appropriate and best fancy dress outfits so we all go with a little bit of flair!

See you all at AGM!