Photo of Jien Goh

Jien Goh

Artsoc: Vice-President

Hi! My name is Jason Goh and I am running to be your ArtSoc Vice-President. I love going to performances, plays, and musicals and I know all of you do too! As your Art Soc Vice-President, I want to build upon the foundation set by previous ArtSoc Leaders by providing you with discounts to these performances that you all love. I plan to reach out to the amazing art scene we have here in London to explore more genres, possibly branching into comedy clubs and performances in the park during spring. Lastly, I envision growing this community, reaching out to more students and if possible even plan intercollegiate events.

Having had experience as a public relations and finance executive of a 6-month long fundraising event in the past, I am familiar with reaching out to members of the community/agents/companies and seeking sponsorships and deals. In high school, I also served on the student council board and have experiences planning large scale events for over 500 students, parents teachers and staff. All in all, I’m here for your entertainment, I’ll keep your wallets full, and I care about ArtSoc! Vote me in!