Photo of Shivani Raja

Shivani Raja

Hindu Society: Design & Marketing Head

Hi, I’m Shivani and I’m running for Design and Marketing Head!

Since starting my own food blog at the age of 16, my passion for photography and design has grown exponentially. In the years since it’s conception, my blog has blossomed into a clean and aesthetically pleasing website with a recognisable style. Through sharing my passion for food, I have inadvertently gained a love for styling, photography and editing. These creative skills lay the foundation for my future role as Design and Marketing Head.

I am proficient in using software to produce eye-catching graphics – I recently designed the t-shirts for this year’s Holi festival, and have also produced promotional material for the imminent Imperial College Gujarati Society. Both graphics were highly approved by my peers.

I believe I can bring a fresh feel to the look of Imperial College Hindu Society. One of my favourite things about this society is how inclusive it is – regardless of faith everyone is welcome to join in on our fun events, and I would love to encourage more to attend through producing vibrant and eye-catching graphics.

One thing I have learnt through food blogging is that people are very visually driven. The posters and promotional material for events are precursors to the events themselves, hence it is important to convey the vibrancy and enthusiasm of Hindu Society events through the graphics produced.

I hope that I have your backing for this role and would love for you to VOTE FOR ME!