Photo of Yuqing Wu

Yuqing Wu

Women in SET: Web Editor

Hi, I'm Yuqing, Physics student.

I am standing to become Web Editor for the Women in SET team this year. Why? Because I want more people to know about this fantastic society and I love writing! I've been a member of Women in SET since my first week, and have attended every event organised by the society so far. I really appreciate how it creates a community of support enabling everyone to find confidence regardless of which career path they hope to pursue. I now hope to become Web Editor - in my previous school, I've written article for my school magazine and been Editor of a publication, so I would like to continue my passion for communication with the society.

As Web Editor, my top priority is to promote our society to as many people as possible. I will use a variety of methods to get our upcoming events across, such as working with faculty Careers correspondents to promote events via email, or posting regular updates to the ICL Facebook group. I will also ensure our website is updated (the current version lists an event in January as an "upcoming event"). In addition, I will try and expand the functionality of the current website to include more about e.g. the history of women in SET at Imperial.

I hope I can join you as Web Editor!